About David

Photograph: lee Scott / Unsplash
Zero block
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Tilda Publishing
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10 Years Brand

Within 10 years I lived in 7 cities, worked in Brand Design for companies such as Interbrand and MetaDesign, learned 2 new languages, and designed even unusal things like a bus or a tool
to legally protect a single letter.
2 Years Digital

After that, I dived into Digital Product Design.
Website Relaunches, Software Interfaces,
Animated Pitch Movies, User-Centered Design,
I am getting there! I believe in reinvention
and change.

Why am I here? I learned UI/UX Design on the job and I want to add new learnings and views
to my skillset. I like the mentorship via Skype and
I am curios about it as if it's a "second opinion"
from a doctor.
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