Telekom Rebranding 2013-2016
Telekom Rebranding 2013-2016
Since cars, kitchen devices, and robots can go online, technology has a deeper impact on our lives. Everything becomes digital. In reaction to this development, Telekom wanted to face the changes in society and technology and aimed to update its brand design. How can Telekom appear more modern, more open, more digital?
Strategic Approach
The ideation phase at Interbrand took several months and telco experts from around the world shared their industry knowledge. Strategically, the brand was imagined to be flexible, open for partnerships and co-creation, as well as expanding in new growth areas. In design, we built on the strongest codes of Telekom. Magenta took up a more prominent role, dynamic layers were introduced and the typography became bold. In this way, we aimed to support Deutsche Telekom's primary objective to become the first choice for connected life and work.
Concept Refinement
After the successful presentation of the vision, we created a strategic framework for brand management and guidelines for several touch points. First prototypes were designed to test the new brand appearance.
Global roll-out
Between 2013 and 2016 the whole design was rolled out globally, each country of the footprint followed step-by-step. The update encompassed Telekom's entire brand environment, ranging from advertising campaigns to packaging, from fashion clothing worn by employees to sub-identities of new growth areas. The roll-out included an international Brand Design Training where more than 300 employees of Telekom participated.
According to the "Brand Finance Global 500" ranking, Telekom has achieved the highest brand value in its history, at 40.2 billion U.S. dollars. Since 2008, the brand has seen continuous growth in value, increasing by an impressive 352 percent. Besides that, Telekom made the transformation from a pure technical provider to a lifestyle brand which is relevant in many areas of daily life.
My role
I was thrilled to be part of Interbrand team of 12 people who created and refined the concept of the new Telekom brand. During the years I owned sub-projects, dived into the new growth areas and developed the international training program with a colleague. For two years, I led the Telekom team at MetaDesign as Design Director.