• Helping others
  • Do more of what makes me happy
  • My unfair advantage: Research, Testing, Improving
  • Coming from practice, apply it right away
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Certified Business Coach (IHK)
At SumUp—a FinTech with 3,200+ employees and a presence in 34 markets—I am a Lead Product Designer who improves the way merchants send invoices and get their accounting done easily. I achieve this as an individual contributor (craft) as well as a Design Manager (managerial, operational).

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Tutor @ LinkedIn Learning
Without data, I'd be just another person with an opinion. I like to have a continuous conversion with users and run one or two research studies per quarter. In addition, I am obsessed with data to understand actual user behavior and the impact we had as team. Tableau, Google Analytics, Data Studio, Google Sheets, those are my tools on a weekly base.

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17+ Years in Business
I look at the end-to-end journey, identify opportunities, and collaborate cross-squad/cross-tribe to improve products & services. I picked up a few Product Owner skills, such as roadmapping, planning, prioritization, defining requirements, setting the vision for a product domain, and how a product differentiates itself from the competition.

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We want to get stuff done. Everything is action-driven. Inspired by Hackathons which last for 24 or 48 hours, time limits generate focus and momentum.
The biggest beef of the course is building your site. I will assist and group dynamics are desired.
We will have a brief introduction into Google Analytics & we will integrate Social Media.
Hiring a webdesigner costs around 1.000 € and you don't know what you get! Instead, we use curated and tested Content Management Systems with a preview.
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Anytime, no restrictions. I will refund your price. We know, life can go crazy sometimes.
Google Meet & Co
Google Calendar Invite follows. We will use Google Sketch and the board will be shared afterwards.
On request. No VAT is stated. Gross price is the net price. as I am small entrepreneur.
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