10 Years of Branding

I have seen great cities, international agencies and all sides of the business. In Amsterdam, Cologne, Düsseldorf and now Berlin.

Magenta Lifestyle

Most of the time I was happy to work for Deutsche Telekom including Group Brand Management, Product & Innovation, T-Systems, HR, Legal and more. I perceived the change from a pure service provider to a Magenta Lifestyle Brand.

New Business

I gave new business entities like Telekom Energy Solutions and Telekom Healthcare Solutions customized Brand Identities. The Telekom Brand Codes were adapted in interpreted in a new way.

Innovative Results

I am excited about trends, technology and teamwork. In the case of Telekom Healthcare Solutions, the collaboration with client, the 3D artists and the PR experts from Palmer Hargreaves was an outstanding success.

Experiment More

My first hackathon hosted by IBM was mesmerizing. Together with data scientists, frontend developers and project managers we created a data-driven travel app prototype made in 24 hours.

A little break from Magenta.


I love sketching. Having a classical and arts-related education, I can visualize ideas with ease. It’s a great skill appreciated by team members, clients and users alike.

Strategy Consulting

At Interbrand consultants understood the value of design and the designers moved towards strategy. Indeed: design follows strategy.

Workshops & Inspiration

Top-down is 20th century-like! Today, collaboration, hands-on workshops and inspirational trainings are prerequisites. I made up experience in giving workshops, talks and trainings across Europe.

UI/UX Design

During my time at Aperto I got grip on Responsive Design, agile project methods and new business opportunities in collaboration with IBM.

Years of Experience

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Toolbox: Analytics, Animation, Branding, Campaign Development, Competitor Analysis, Copywriting, Creative Strategy & Positioning, Customer Journey Mapping, Digital Photography, Ideation Workshops, Illustration, Prototyping, Sketching, Styleguides, UI/UX, User Flows, User Research, Visual Design


Drop a mail at davidmuehlfeld@gmail.com or connect via Social Media. I will answer as soon as possible.