SumUp: Subscriptions on Mobile

SumUp: Subscriptions on Mobile

Most of invoicing merchants are using our product on mobile devices. Until now, we had no way to subscribe and monetize our invoicing product on Mobile. Merchants landed in a dead end. They had to figure out themselves that subscribing is only possible in the web application. We wanted to change that quickly!


Here we focussed on competitor research. Interestingly enough, the existing solutions in the market are more diverse than expected: we came across In-App purchases with Google and Apple (obviously), deducting funds from a bank account (interesting), and subscribing outside an app via a mobile browser.


Here is the scope MVP:
✅ – Include paywalls for paid features
✅ – Offer a way to subscribe with the current SumUp billing engine


Please mind that data on this topic can't be disclosed. However, one month after launching subscriptions on Mobile, the graph looks promising!