SumUp: Unified Invoices

SumUp: Unified Invoices

Invoices used to be a separate web application with a different User Experience and custom components due to its "Debitoor" history – which was a Danish company acquired by SumUp in 2019. After fully migrating users to SumUp, we were still struggling with legacy code and bugs, feature gaps, and churning users. Within 3-4 quarters, our invoicing teams had to fully revamp a complex product and consider market specifics as well.

The competition falls in 2 groups: the first includes dedicated invoicing and accounting products (e.g. Invoice2go, QuickBooks, Zoho). They have more features, but also look very similar as shown above. The second group are business accounts who are trying to expand their ecosystem and are offering invoicing features on top of their banking functionality (e.g. Qonto, Revolut).


While our teams were designing and coding in parallel, we conducted usability tests to ensure that users could use the new experience intuitively. Most insightful were the feedback from users on the invoice creation flow. Here we learned that users finished their invoices in a non-linear way, they only need a preview of an invoice before completing/sending it, they would likely start an invoice by adding a customer, and they loved our new "toolbar" as a way to access all features.

MVP 2023

The MVP is rolled out gradually across markets since 03/2023:
✅ – Running 100% on SumUp's Design System, fully integrated
✅ – Better invoices overview for users
✅ – Better invoice creation flow with easier access to what matters
✅ – Settings are simpler and extended
✅ – Users can subscribe easier

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The data looked promising for the countries we launched first. We identified areas for improvement and were able to address them fast. A success after one month after launching in Germany and Netherlands were an increase of our Pro subscriptions by 2x.